Welcome to the PRESS Section

ULPA* is using freelance photographers for various assignments such as (but not limited to) Documentaries, Corporate Events, Sporting, Aviation and Special Assignment. We are working with numerous publications under contract. Every affiliated photographer is carrying an ID card, identifying his affiliation with ULPA*.

 Sample ID card

ID Badge Template.jpg

Each card contains a current picture, first and last name and a photographer specific 4 digit ID number.

To verify authenticity of an ID card, please refer to the following listing of active cards:

Card Number Initials of Photographer (2019)
1205 CC
0821 LD
0307 SG
0705 UL
0219 MT

If you are presented with an ID card not listed on this site, it is either inactive or has been revoked. For additional verification, please call the number listed on the ID card.

ULPA* is a private organization located in Charlotte North Carolina. All work performed is the property of ULPA* and protected under the copy rights laws of the United States of America. Any use of our work in any form (other tan permitted by law) requires specific written authorization from ULPA*.