The waterfall that wasn't / by Udo Luetze

Visiting a tall waterfall can get every photographer exited.  However late in the season, it can happen that the falls run dry and the roaring thunder is reduced to a trickle.  This is what happened to me in August at the Hickory Nut Falls in North Carolina.

However don't despair because of the lack of water and pack your camera.  Better take a closer look.  Due to the lack of water, you can get closer to the wall and shoot the falls from a  new perspective.  Do you think I could have shot the above picture during peak season?

Also pay attention to the small stuff.

Small trickles  can have a beauty of their own and through the magic of long exposure (3 seconds in this case) they can create a beauty that is usually hidden.

So, if the big stuff is not cooperating, enjoy the small details and you may just capture something nobody gets to see during high season.