Another Edit using presets in Lightroom / by Udo Luetze

On my trip to Colorado I had a chance to shoot this sunrise near Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The starting picture was quite boring but there is a lot of color in the RAW file waiting to be released.

Once again I used presets and custom brushes from to speed up the process.

I started by applying the Base Auto Toner (Color) and Exposure Darken Shadows Presets.  Then I increased the vibrance and used a graduated filter with the Cloudy Sky Definition brush preset to define the sky.

Now the fun begins.  With the help of brushes I added some buch needed light to the fore and middle ground as well as enhanced the golden glow on the horizon.  I also darkened some of the mountains for contrast.

Now there is much more depth to the picture.  I utilized the following brushes:  Haze Golden, Light Brighten, Light Darken and Haze Golden 2.

Next I added the Deep Blue Sky preset.

Finally I fine tuned the brush strokes, adjusted contrast and added 2 graduated filters.  One on the bottom to increase clarity in the woods and on on top to darken the sky.

Thats it! and with the help of presets I did this edit in about one third of the time.

Click to see full size image

Used presets and custom brushes from Sleeklens.  Sleekness is a company that offers LR presets and professional editing services.  Learn more at Lightroom and Editing.